In sum, a trademark is your "brand." It is most commonly a word or a designed logo that identifies your business or product. It then becomes the repository for "goodwill" - those positive consumer associations between your brand, on the one hand, and your quality and consistency on the other.

Dickinson Law, P.C. assists with trademark matters, such as:

  • Trademark selection - choosing a name/brand that you can protect
  • Trademark clearance - choosing a name/brand that is not already held by a prior user in connection with confusingly similar goods or services
  • Trademark registration - whether federal trademark registration is advisable, navigating the arcane procedures of federal registration, and developing strategies to protect your intellectual property.
If you already have an established portfolio or marks, we can assist you in managing your portfolio and performing periodic maintenance on your registrations (e.g., renewals). We currently manage trademark portfolios and registrations for clients with portfolios ranging from a single mark to national retailers with over 200 registered marks - and we do it efficiently and cost-effectively.