Franchising offers an entrepreneur (the "franchisee") with the opportunity to license the right to operate a successfully branded and operated concept on their own. At the same time, franchising may allow the owner of a successful brand and system (the "franchisor") a way to expand its footprint without committing as much capital. Whether you are considering purchasing the right to operate a franchise yourself or are seeking counsel on the possibility of growing your own concept, we can help.

Dickinson Law, P.C. assists with franchising matters, such as:

  • Evaluating for potential franchisees the opportunity to own a franchise
  • Negotiating the franchise agreement
  • Drafting necessary corporate documents and leases
  • Dispute resolution (representing franchisees only)
We are also happy to assist potential franchisors by counseling them on common issues related to initiating the process, as well as providing guidance on discrete disclosure issues.